Guild Opera Company Seeking Foundations, Community Organizations and Individuals with a Passion for Music

Are you on the Board of Directors of a charitable Foundation? Do you know of a charitable Foundation who is interested in supporting a non-profit whose focus is music programs for children? We are searching daily for foundations that are accepting grant proposals from organizations like Guild Opera Company. Please let us know if you have a contact by clicking here. Thank you!

Guild Opera Company Contributors 2014

We gratefully acknowledge the following individual contributors
Names in bold are ANGELS who sponsored opera performances at various schools.

Janette Alvarez
Jenniffer Andrew
Kathleen Belwisch
Fran Benedict
Bram Benjamins
Erick Block
Chuck & Lisa Bowman
Michelle Bourque
Robert Chauls
Chris Christensen
Edward & Alicia Clark
Agnes Constante
Mary Costa
Mary Levin Cutler
Carolyn Doyle
Nancy Fernandez
Robert & Judy Flesh
David Gibb
Pam Gibberman
Mary Hansen
Marilyn Hewitt
Joanne Horne
Joan Hunter
William Hutton
Eva Jeffers
Zina Josephs
Richard & Darcy Kopcho
Rebecca Kuska
Dorla Marquis
John & Cynthia Mayhan
Randy Melson
Tommie Melson
Wanda & Miranda Melson
Leonard Minsky
Roni Miyakawa
Clarke Morrow
Loretta Norwalt
Carolyn Novin
Mary Ann Plumley
Philip Present
Felix Racelis
Evelyn & Jim Reichgelt
G & D Reoyo-Pazos

Sandy Roberts
Henry & Esther Rosenthal
Jeraldine Saunders
Shira Singer
Steven Siskin
Angela Snead
Carol Soldo
William & Mary Stahura
Gary & Carol Tavis
Catherine Truesdale
Paul & Mary Wight
Anne Wilson
John & Barbara Wortmann

The following provided partial funding for Guild Opera Co. activities:

Capital Group Co. Charitable Foundation
-Glendale Arts & Culture Commission
-Kneier Family Foundation
-LA County Arts Commission
-Pasadena Community Foundation
-San Marino Rotary Charities