Wonderful turnout at “Jazz Goes to the Opera”

Wow! Our event, “Jazz Goes to the Opera,” was a success at the Brand Library! We started a little after the scheduled 2 p.m. start time, but patrons were able to admire the art gallery and purchase raffle tickets (we sold 6 pieces for $5 OR $1 per ticket) before we got the ball rolling.

Guild Opera - "Jazz Goes to the Opera"

Singing the final number, from left to right: Deborah Mayhan, Charles Lane, Caroline McKenzie, Vincent Robles, Michelle Bourque, and Gabriel Pazos.

Guild Opera - "Jazz Goes to the Opera"

Caroline McKenzie and Vincent Robles perform a number at Guild Opera’s “Jazz Goes to the Opera.”

We presented all attendees with more than an hour of feel-good opera/jazz music, and it seemed like everyone in the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Some numbers received some standing ovations from members in the crowd, and there was a wealth of positive comments that came during and after the show.

Finally, the program was followed with the raffle drawing, mingling among members and non-members alike, as well as tasty finger foods and refreshments in the courtyard. (Who doesn’t love fondue and yummy cheese?)

We’re thrilled to have had a great turnout and are beyond thankful for the support we continually receive from our donors and the community.

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